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The Christian Mystery

Book cover
Author:  Rudolf Steiner
Pages:  240
Translator:  Anna Meuss
Publisher:  Completion Press
Cat. No:  CW97
ISBN:  0-9578-1890-4


  • The language of truth in the gospels
  • Lucifer and Christ
  • Ancient esoteric teachings and Rosicrucianism
  • Insights and life fruits gained in the science of the spirit

Extract 30 March 1906

" In antiquity, people had the law. Through the Christ, the law has become grace, with the law lifted up out of the individual's own breast. Now knowledge is to be elevated to be love again. Inner Christianity is to be added to the external organization of Christianity. Until now, Christianity has only been able to bring love to realization in its institutions. But now we must take love down into the deepest depths of the human breast. Today each of us is still enamoured of his own opinions. Love will only rise above opinion when people are able to live in harmony even if their opinions differ greatly. All kinds of different opinions side by side - and above it all, love. Then the individual opinion does not reign on its own but all will unite in a great choir. "

Rudolf Steiner

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