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Original Impulses For The Science Of The Spirit

Book cover
Author:  Rudolf Steiner
Pages:  320
Translator:  Anna Meuss
Publisher:  Completion Press
Cat. No:  CW96
ISBN:  0-9578189-1-2


Twenty lectures given in Berlin between the 29 January and 12 June 1907

These Berlin lectures cover a fairly wide range of subjects, from health and education, volcanic eruptions [in response to an eruption of Vesuvius at that time], to planetary evolution, the Rosicrucian way of initiation, the modern science of the spirit, the Lord's Prayer, the blood that flowed on Golgotha and karmic law.

" The whole of humanity is an organism. If you tear out a single human being, that human being cannot continue but will shrivel up. A common bond unites us all. We will begin to understand this when we seek to develop the faculties we need for the higher world, so that we may truly rise and find the core in us that is the essence of the spirit. If that essence of the spirit lives in us it will lead us to brotherhood. This exists already on the higher planes. On earth we have only an image of it. Brotherhood here on earth is but an image of what exists on the higher planes. We deny something that already exists in us if we do not cherish brotherhood among ourselves here on earth. "

Rudolf Steiner

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