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Awareness - Life - Form

Book cover
Author:  Rudolf Steiner
Pages:  304
Translator:  Anna Meuss
Publisher:  Completion Press
Cat. No:  CW89
ISBN:  0-9578189-3-9


Key Idea

Written texts, notes and lectures from 1903 to 1909.

" External natural science gives us the knowledge to speak of the outer aspect of the world. We may also speak of the inner aspect of the world [on the basis of spiritual investigation].
If we can know ourselves by looking back on to ourselves, we can also make observations in the cosmos. This leads to observations that give us a true cosmology, a cosmosophy.

I have tried to show that there are other methods and means of learning something about primeval times than those on which natural science has to rely, other methods than exploring the results left behind in the Earth. In the history of humanity given in my Cosmic Memory out of what I learned inwardly, in the mystic's way, you will find everything ever taught in the 'occult schools' concerning the origin of man and his differentiation into different races.

Nothing is ever observed in the cosmos unless you have the human being there at the same time. Everything only gains meaning and a basis on which insight may be gained if you consider it in terms of the human being. Nowhere is the human being left out. This science of the spirit which takes its orientation from anthroposophy brings our study of the cosmos back again to a study of the essential human being. "

Rudolf Steiner

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